Thursday, November 20, 2014

Graduate Student “Completely Prepared” for Oral Exams

Contributed by SeeArrOh, who blogs at Just Like Cooking

Phoenix, AZ

Melissa Sitterson, 24, recently proclaimed to her entire lab group “Orals just aren’t that hard.”

Third-years snickered audibly, while postdocs and fifth-years simply shook their heads in disbelief. Defensively, Sitterson continued: “I mean, I have all the older students’ exams to look at, and I’ve read the textbook forward and backward. I have a whole year of bench work under my belt. I’ve also hung out with my whole committee, and they’re such nice people if you just get to know them outside of our building.”

“I’m about 90% sure that Xia will ask about mechanisms, Jonas obviously phosphorescence, Zimt will handle biochemistry, and Sanchez will rattle on about tin chemistry like he does every year. Piece of cake.”

As this article went to press, Ms. Sitterson was seen running down the hallway, sobbing, screaming “That’s it, I’m taking my Master’s and going to business school!”

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