Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ACS Conferee's "Black Sunday" Exposition Hall Camp-out Yields Tchotchke Fortune

Written by C&EN Independent Correspondent SeeArrOh, who blogs at Just Like Cooking.


For some, it's a tradition akin to stalwarts lining up outside Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving eve. "I bring a small pup-tent to all ACS National Meetings," says Susan Ortiz, a safety officer from UNH. "If you want the best free schwag from the top vendors, you'd best be at those glass doors at 5:59PM."

"My advice? Bring tennis shoes, and be ready to sprint."

Ms. Ortiz's haul this year set records: a dozen T-shirts, 58 pens, countless pieces of Halloween candy and myriad USB drives. "Really, I'm set until Christmas - my whole family knows to expect branded sunglasses, KNF keychains, or that special Sigma Aldrich solvent guide under the tree."

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